Colette Wright Adams

BFA University of Michigan
MFA School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC)

colettewrightadams@gmail.com    http://www.colettewrightadams.com

Visual artist: Painting & Drawing, Curator. Cultivating a personal art practice which takes me into the communities I live, work and play in..

SAIC , MFA, Painting, Fellowship finalist                                                            Chicago,IL
University of Michigan,- BFA, cum laude                                                      Ann Arbor, MI 

Art Spot Box
Founder, co-curator Public Art project supported by Northwest Arts Connection and North River Commission The Art Spot Box provides access to public art through a partnership between artists and businesses in various communities throughout Chicago. It is a re-imagination of exhibition space, bridging the traditional white box gallery, museums, and online art platforms, formatted to ease public access to fine art and encourage informal dialogue and conversation about the art on display.
Our first two boxes are located in the Albany Park neighborhood of Chicago
INSIGHT-PORTRAIT            2017-2018
Director, co-creator of community collaborative drawing project  This drawing project enlisted professional artists to participate in 4   sessions which included models from Northside Housing Men’s transitional center and a shared meal between artists and models . The models were paid and the sense of validation that comes from being the object of attention was affirming for all.  The artists were included in an exhibition at the end of the project and sale proceeds were donated to the non-profit 

North Lawndale Arts Festival                                                                      2018
Created a  first collaboration between Uptown Arts Center and North Lawndale Arts & Culture committee.Invented and  introduced “Rotisserie Poetrie”, a tabletop Draw-Write game, to create art and dialogue in Douglas Park Cultural Center
Uptown Arts Center (a program of the Preston Bradley Center)                  2012-Present
Founder, director and lead curator  http://www.UptownArtsCenter.org
Housed in a series of iconoclastic spaces within the historic Preston Bradley Center, I have created shared art studios, exhibition spaces and boutique performance arenas.  Welcoming the synergy of experiences and place to inform a unique vision of a supportive and nurturing artists community.
Running throughout our programming and artistic creations are the threads of both the nature of creativity and the roles of artists and communities in the wider world.
I have created more than a dozen exhibitions of which these are the highlights:

-Pulp Painting Residency. A collaboration with 10,000 Ripples & Indira Johnson. Co-curator and judge. Collaborated  with Trisha Oralie Martin in creation of an installation of public art work at PBC
-Em(body) an exhibition in 3 parts. Lead Curator Eden Unluata. Co-curated part 3 of this building-wide Interdisciplinary exhibition including Installation and performance art.  Created and conducted Ekphrasis Poetry workshops. *Top 5 Weekend picks by Bad At Sports
The Sacred Show   Curator & judge Created workshops on art & spirituality featuring Rev. Adam Robersmith
The Tarot Show      Curator , Invitational
Urbs in Horto: 36 views   Curator & judge
Just Good Art, the comfort of creativity   ` 2010-present
Founder & Director, a community art project : Created Drop-in-and-Draw experiences and DIY poetry events in POP-UP locations in Chicago

Uptown Arts Center: Mysteries & Loves ,                                             Chicago,IL 2016
Colette Wright Adams & Mariusz Zaleski
Avram Eisen Gallery,                                                                                Chicago,IL 2011
-Colette Wright Adams & Janet Metzger
Japanese Consulate,  
Our Art Working 2018                                      Chicago,IL       2018                                             Hokkaido and Chicago Artists Invitational
Beverly Arts Center,   CAVA: Chicago Area Visual Artists                    Chicago,IL 2018
Womanmade Gallery,
“Grassroots”                                                       Chicago, IL      2017

Evanston Art Center, Later Impressions   *Best in Show                     Evanston,IL 2017
Chicago Cultural Center,
Renaissance gallery                                      Chicago,IL      2014
Artists Breakfast Group
Koehnline Museum of Art, Oakton Community College                      Skokie,IL         2013
The Personal is Political
Polish Arts Club Exhibition, Polish Museum of America                      Chicago, IL      2012
Madron Gallery,                                                                                        Chicago,IL 2011
Zolla/Lieberman Gallery,
judge: William Lieberman                             Chicago,IL 2010
Tom Robinson Gallery,
Drawing Attention                                             Chicago,IL       2009

Artist’s Statement

An artist’s job is to tell a story that otherwise would not be told.  Whether it is about people, nature, the heavens, themselves; there are no boundaries in that sense. An artist’s job is to move us with that story, to trouble us with worries, to lift us up with hope, to encircle us with abandon, leaving some things to chance and always staying true.

The natural world found in the city, either by happenstance or cultivated, interests me. I’m drawn to serendipitous juxtapositions (nature & man-made) but also the created and protected natural habitats that we build to save our environment and ourselves.  I’ve traipsed many urban forest preserves, nature centers, gardens, conservatories, parks and boulevards finding inspiration.
I approach my art work and life work from the perspective of my experiences, interests and research.  The aspects of the world that stimulate me as an artist are like neighborhoods to me, cultivated to sustain and nurture. The language of specifics and the language of the general. What interests me are the interconnections between and nature of our communities both individually and collectively.

I cherish the borders where culture and cultivation meet.  Where we cultivate the land, our physical environment and ourselves.  Ourselves individually and in relation to one another. We inhabit our culture and are cultivars ourselves

I am continually creating visual art to express my vision and interpretation  of light and the impulse found in nature. I delight in the shapes and patterns of nature but also in the fact that we humans are part of this pattern as well.  

Weaving interdisciplinary activities and creations is important to me .

Writing, reading , orating, dance and sound can easily join together as artists  collaboratively create in these public spaces. And the element of the public themselves  is naturally invigorating to this composite as well. I’ve created simple formats for the public to become more than an audience to the natural environment composed by designers and scientists for their pleasure and to preserve culture.  Cultivating culture with many species and forms in mind and creating art as a process to be shared and displayed.                                                



A conjured space
Evident connection
The edge, the line between
Nature and man-made
The neighborhood of life
Seen and unseen
We look between the shadows
And find light. 

-Colette Wright .Adams